It’s Organized Religion, Stupid

Years ago, when Bill Clinton occupied the White House, people questioned him about his strategy. If you remember, Clinton, along with his wife, was guilty of innumerable crimes and ethics violations. He literally had nothing positive going for him. One time, when asked about his strategy, he responded, “It’s the economy, Stupid!” What he was… Continue reading It’s Organized Religion, Stupid

Is it Fake?

In the Garden of Eden, The Serpent began the Fake News industry. He told Eve that God said something different from what He said (Genesis 3:1-4).

After that, Cain tried to deflect the truth of what happened to Abel. Deception became commonplace. [Continue reading] Is it Fake?

You’re Accepted

No one enjoys being shut out; being on the outside, looking in. Everyone enjoys having friends. Likewise, people love to have their accomplishments recognized and appreciated. Recently, I spoke to you about some Little City Lessons. Long ago, a wise man lived in a small town. [Continue reading] You’re Accepted

A Fresh Start

We’ve had a tough year, haven’t we? We’ve dealt with the virus situation, political turmoil and social unrest. The tumult and tyranny that threaten us seem unprecedented. For most of us, life has permanently changed. I think it’s time to reboot and get a fresh start. Does that idea sound good to you? [Continue reading] A Fresh Start