While many small businesses have yet to seriously consider online security, their larger peers are gaining the upper hand.

According to IDC, business spending on security in 2019 will surpass $103 billion.

For enterprise corporations, the average annual budget for cybersecurity is more than $8 million.

What do these numbers mean?

As more businesses harden themselves against evolving threats, vulnerable small businesses become increasingly attractive to hackers.

Small Business Online Security

Simply put, small businesses can’t keep pace with large corporations.

Small Business Objections to Online Security Costs

As a small business owner, you have limited resources. If you spend all your money on online security, you might not have enough to support your marketing and product development activities.

Additionally, you probably realize that cyberattacks aren’t going to happen to you every day.

I understand.

You don’t want to spend money on potential benefits when you can invest that cash in other ways that produce guaranteed results.

However, ignoring online security is asking for trouble.

As the frequency of attacks on small businesses increases, you’re increasingly likely to be affected.

Therefore, avoiding online security simply to save money is a foolish proposition.

Online security costs money. The key to effective spending is getting the best return for your investment.

Practical online security

I emphasize practical online security. These are habits and investment that deliver the best protection for the least expense.

Threat Intelligence

For instance, threat intelligence represents one of the most effective investments of time and money that you can make.

Threat intelligence includes staying updated with the latest news as well as monitoring the dark web.


Enterprises depend on automation to maximize their online security. So should you.

When you work either alone or as a small team, you can apply technology to help you accomplish more with less time and effort.


Your business generates a lot of data. So, put it to use. Pay attention to activity on your website and online store. Also, carefully review the reports you get from your payment processors.

Access Control

Some online security solutions are surprisingly low tech.

For example, controlling physical access to your computers and devices can go a long way to safeguarding your data.

Find out who can access your workstations and servers and take steps to limit access to essential personnel and job-related activities.

Of course, now that everyone has a smartphone, your business also needs to control what your employees are doing with their own devices.

The Basics

Avoid the temptation to heavily invest in online security technology without first taking basic precautions.

For instance, you should have a security policy in place that will help you avoid wasting your money on “bells and whistles” that don’t help you.

Selling Online Security

I can help your small business stay safe without busting your budget.

However, I understand your reservations.

Unfortunately, your experience with a data breach is my best marketing message.

After discovering how devastating asecurity failure can be, you’ll realize how reasonable online security costs are.

When you contact me, I won’t tell you, “I told you so!” Instead, I work with you to recover from your disaster and mitigate ongoing threats.

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