Did you feel relieved when the Trump Regime claimed to end a national security phone access program? If so, your government let you down. Again.

Initially, the news was reported by the #FakeNews New York Times. Even Snowden fell for the charade.

Now, ZeroHedge has evidence that suggests that the NSA is still downloading everything you do with and say near your phone.

All of this, however, is an elaborate ruse. According to two former top NSA officials interviewed by INSURGE, there is no credible reason to believe that NSA phone surveillance has truly been shut down.


National Security Phone Access Program

Even if the NSA did end a surveillance program, it wouldn’t be to conform to the Constitution or the social contract. Instead, if and when the NSA “ends” a surveillance program, they do it because they’ve obtained new technology for advanced surveillance.

Also, if you’re one of the people who thought that the upcoming end to the USA Freedom Act of 2015 would save you, you’re wrong.

According to the ZeroHedge story, the NSA is free to illegally monitor and search your phone with or without that law.

National Security

We already know that the NSA is “targeting all communications of Congress, FISA, the Supreme Court, senior Pentagon officials, the media, and even future presidential prospects.” They do this to blackmail their overseers and to ensure the advancement of #DeepState’s political agenda.

However, since Snowden’s revelations, the NSA’s phone access program has expanded. It’s completely out of control.

Why should NSA’s access program matter to you?

According to one of the whistleblowers quoted by ZeroHedge,

There will be no recourse against Big Brother when it wields NSA’s weapons domestically against us…

Russ Tice, Former senior NSA official

I want you to know that NSA’s national security phone access problem has nothing to do with national security. Furthermore, you need to know that the people who are accessing your phone operate completely outside the law.

As a matter of fact, if you read the article, you’ll realize that the NSA is off-limits to Congress. Also, the President most likely has no influence. In fact, the President is probably on NSA’s blackmail surveillance list.

Is online security hopeless?

My guess is that you can neither detect nor defeat the NSA national security phone access program.

Also, remember that Big Brother is Big Tech.

However, don’t use that supposition as an excuse to ignore your personal responsibility.

For example, always use a paid, non-Five Eyes VPN service.

Also, physically block access to the cameras that are on your computers and phones.

Whenever possible, either disconnect or physically block access to the microphones that are on your electronic devices.

Finally, never assume that anything you do online is private, secure, or anonymous.

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