Marketing firms outsource some of their work to an email verification firm that validates email addresses and collects information about the owner of each address.

Apparently the website, is a major player in the third-party data validation market.

Unfortunately, wasn’t securing their data. Consequently, that firm has simplified life for hackers and identity thieves.

Personal information including names, gender, date of birth, employer, details of social media accounts and even home addresses were listed.

MailOnline (DailyMail)

Email Verification Firm Compromises 1 Billion People

Perhaps the most surprising part of the story of the email verification firm,, is that new records were compromised.

They were then able to establish that the leak contained unique records that had never been exposed in any previous breach ‘collections’.

So, despite the seemingly incessant stream of data breaches, some information has not yet been compromised.

In other words, it’s not too late to start paying attention to online security.

Defeat Email Verification

You can prevent corporations, their marketers and their marketers’ email verification services from including your identity in their databases.

To begin, start using a secure email address that’s not personally identifiable.

I recommend using either ProtonMail ( or Tutanota ( Both services have a fully functional “free” option. If you choose to go premium, you can pay anonymously via cryptocurrency.

Next, create an email address that you will use only for subscribing to newsletters and requesting “more information” from businesses.

NEWSFLASH: When you buy from a company and give them your email address, your name becomes associated with that address. So, never share your email address with a company that knows your identity.

More Online Security

Are you ready to protect yourself against identity theft, ransomware, and other cybercrimes?

Contact me today. It’s up to you if you share your email address.

However, for the record, neither I nor my team retains or uses email addresses or other personally identifiable information for any purpose without your explicit permission.

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