If you’ve not yet throttled your use of popular social networks, you need to. Don’t trust social networks.

An article published at TechRadar.com reveals that, although most people have begun realizing the dangers that Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and other Big Tech firms represent, few people respond with appropriate changes in their behavior.

87 percent of people don’t feel confident sharing their personal data online

– Tech Radar

If you’re still comfortable with sharing your personal data online, you’re part of an increasingly irresponsible minority.

However, as reported by Tech Radar, your failure to change the way you use Big Tech is normal.

Ignore Tech Radar’s Leftist Slant

For the purpose of this conversation, you’re going to have to overlook Tech Radar’s leftist slant.

For instance, the author of the referenced article, Adam Kujawa, perpetuates the myth that abuse of social media by “the Right” helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

Of course, the evidence is complete to the contrary. Russia, Facebook, and the rest of Big Tech used their influence to censor the truth about Hillary Clinton and her reckless criminal behavior.

Similarly, while Adam Kujawa complains about Cambridge Analytica, the same author and Tech Radar itself was silent when Facebook bragged about giving the Obama Regime unrestricted access to Facebook’s entire repository of user data in support of Obama’s re-election campaign.

If you have a problem with Cambridge Analytica accessing data in a legitimate, legal way to support Republican candidates, you should have a problem with Facebook covertly allowing Obama to access all Facebook’s data without restraint.

In the world of online security, you can’t afford to be a hypocrite.

So, what I’m saying is that you need to look at the facts about data privacy that the article contains while ignoring the lunatic-leftist slant of the publication.

Online security is a problem that affects every American, not just either the Left or the Right. Ignoring the abuses of one side while embracing those of the other side is a recipe for tyranny. Don’t fall into that trap. OK?

Don’t Trust Social Networks

Were it not for Edward Snowden, an American hero, we’d not know that

The NSA was tapping directly into the servers of nine internet firms including Facebook, Microsoft and Google to gather intelligence on Americans’ behaviour and interactions.

In other words, Facebook and the dark forces of the #DeepState are in cahoots.

Every time you post an adorable photo of your baby, Facebook and the U.S. Government are using that information to inter your child permanently in a virtual concentration camp.

Every time you post vacation photos or “check-in” to your favorite restaurant, Big Brother is there, analyzing your behavior, and figuring out how to best use it to enslave you.

So, don’t trust social networks. OK?

Have You Changed Your Behavior?

Despite the majority of social media users being wary of sharing their personal information online, few have responded by changing their behavior. Here’s another quote from the Tech Radar article:

…despite the extensive column inches these stories have received, most have yet to change our habits, continuing to carry at least one device capable of listening to our conversations, broadcasting our exact locations, and tracking us as we move.

In other words, most people continue to enable the sinister social media-Deep State collaboration.

Is “convenience” worth it?

How convenient is it to become the slave of a shadowy unelected government?

Online Security is Your Choice

I can’t force you to behave responsibly online. Likewise, I can’t compel you to protect your business’ customer and employee data. Online security is your choice.

In the business world, you can achieve a competitive advantage by promising to respect the privacy rights of your customers.

…given the level of mistrust expressed by consumers with regard to the way large corporates handle their data, those businesses that can be seen to be protecting their customers’ data, and communicating precisely how it will be used, will be viewed far more favourably…

I had to cut-off the above quote because of Adam Kujawa’s apparent insanity. He actually offered Apple, one of the most egregious violators of human and privacy rights on the planet as a positive example of the responsible corporate use of customer data.

Please, don’t be evil like Apple. OK?

Bottom Line: Don’t Trust Social Networks

Adam Kujawa is Director of Malwarebytes Labs at Malwarebytes. While he seems to understand some of the issues of online security, he seems to allow his fringe leftist political views to dilute his effectiveness.

So, after reading his article, “Our Contradictory Relationship to Data Privacy, I want you to respond in one way: Don’t trust social networks.

You shouldn’t use social networks at all. However, if you’re like me, your work requires that you maintain open accounts.

So, do the next best thing: Exercise extreme caution while using Big Tech resources. They are virtual booby traps. Don’t let them hurt you any more than they already have.

In addition to starving Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, and Amazon of your data, you should also use a paid VPN service to hide your online tracks. Visit IwantMyVPN.com to learn more.

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