Do you want to know why Big Tech gets away with its well-publicized abuses? The answer’s easy: Big Brother is Big Tech. There’s no simpler way to explain it.

Who’s Big Brother?

Big Brother is the code name for a fictional intrusive government in the Orson Wells novel, “1984.” That book is well-known for how it so accurately portrays the technologies used by governments to oppress their people. It also predicted the extent of control that government intends to exert.

Essentially, in 1949, Orson Wells foretold what we’re now living.

Big Brother is Big Tech

In the past, Americans expected courts and elected officials to restrain government. Now, those entities are completely detached from modern oppression. Now, they can say that they support The Constitution of the United States of America and we have less privacy and fewer rights than ever before.

As an online security professional, I’m astonished at how few people recognize the connection between tyranny and their tech. Fortunately, public awareness is increasing regarding the reality that Big Brother is Big Tech.

The latest example of this awakening comes from That site published the following article: Is Big Tech Merging With Big Brother? Kinda Looks Like It.

Here’s how the article puts it:

The all-seeing Amazon, Google, and Facebook have every incentive to help the national security state undermine privacy, free speech, and democracy. We’ve read this book before.

Yeah right, I know.

Why does it matter?

Why should you care that Big Brother is Big Tech? After all, you can’t do anything about it, right?

I mean, just imagine if you didn’t have a smartphone with Facebook’s malicious app installed on it? Could you survive?

What about Google? Google tracks your whereabouts even when you have disabled your phone’s location services. Heck, even if you turn off your phone, Apple can spy on you on Big Brother’s behalf.

It’s more than censorship

Since 2015, we’ve seen thousands of publishers and users banned from social media for having political, social, or religious beliefs that aren’t acceptable to the Left.

In case you didn’t know, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and most other Big Tech firms were founded by (and are now controlled by) communists.

Also, during the 2016 we were all confronted with the reality of the American Deep State, which is the modern manifestation of Orson Wells’ Big Brother.

Not only is the government that controls the USA out of the sight and reach of most Americans, it isn’t subject to the Constitution, laws, or regulations.

Still, Big Brother knows that someone might challenge them if the U.S. Government actively censored speech. But, Big Brother wants to censor everything you see and say online.

As a matter of fact, Deep State is salivating over the possibility of implementing a social credit scoring system like the one that Big Tech is implementing for the Communist Chinese.

To avoid the discomforts of accountability, Big Brother has formed an unholy alliance with Big Tech.

What I’m telling you is that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and other big-tech firms are the government.

Here’s how David Samuels put it in his Wired article:

Facebook, Google, and other big-data monopolists already hoover up behavioral markers and cues on a scale and with a frequency that few of us understand. They then analyze, package, and sell that data to their partners.

Big Tech’s biggest partner is Big Brother.

Big Brother’s Dirty Work

In a way, Big Tech exists for the sole purpose of doing Big Brother’s dirty work.

Big Tech gets paid in the form of lucrative government contracts. Big Tech reciprocates with campaign donations and in-kind services.

So, while the U.S. Government might not get away with listenting to everything going on in your home via a “bug,” the government can get away with having Google’s Home or Amazon’s Echo doing the job for them.

The communists who run Big Tech have the same objectives as the communists who run Deep State.

What’s the Point?

By now, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the point?”

Here’s your answer. When you realize that Big Brother is Big Tech, you might realize the importance of online security.

Your technology is a major liability. In addition to Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft controlling what you see online and selling all your personal data, they are sharing that information with the government.

OK, Big Brother is Big Tech. What should I do?

To summarize, Big Tech is working with Big Brother (Big Tech is Big Brother) to create a surveillance society that has precise control over every individuals behavior, down to the minutest detail.

The government (aka, Big Tech or Big Brother) will decide where you can go, what you can do, what you can say, and what you can think. If they want to, they can keep you from earning an income. In other words, they’re going to kill you if you don’t submit to them.

Do you think that’s radical? It is. Do you think that’s impossible? It’s not.

Sadly, the blending of Big Tech with Big Brother was foretold in the Bible.

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:17

The end of the Wired article has a dire warning that’s consistent with common sense, the Bible, and real-world events:

A national or global surveillance network that uses beneficent algorithms to reshape human thoughts and actions in ways that elites believe to be just or beneficial to all mankind is hardly the road to a new Eden. It’s the road to a prison camp.


Respond to the article and other news by minimizing your online footprint.

Here are some quick tips for doing that:

  • Delete every app from your phone that’s not essential to your life and work.
  • Use tape to physically block the camera on your phone and computer.
  • NEVER use a “smart home” device such as Google Home or Alexa.
  • STOP using Google products. This includes Maps, Gmail, and Chrome.
  • Always use privacy plugins such as uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.
  • Choose Tutanota, Proton Mail, or similar a secure email provider.
  • Connect to a paid, anonymous VPN before you do anything online.
  • Most of all, always assume that nothing you do is private.

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