Digital marketing attracts companies that want to save money and get better results. Although many businesses have achieved remarkable success online, others have failed, even after making substantial investments in time, talent and technology. Success stories have promoted the notion of easy ways to increase sales. Such a false belief often fuels failure.

Best Practices for Digital Marketing

Unlike traditional marketing channels that cost much to reach broad audiences, digital channels give firms a way to create targeted messages that reach niche audiences.

As a result, companies can spend less on marketing and still achieve amazing results. To get the results you want from digital tools, prepare yourself and your team for hard work and embrace the following best practices.


Pay per click advertising gives businesses an affordable and efficient way to reach well-defined audiences with targeted messages. Also with paid digital advertising, marketers pay only when an online user responds to a message by clicking on it. As a result, companies eliminate the expense associated with traditional marketing channels that reach broad audiences.

Paid advertising networks supply analytics tools that give marketers flexibility as they test a variety of messages and formats for effectiveness.

The ability to measure and evaluate results also gives brands the ability to send extremely customized messages to each of their market segments. Additionally, third-party PPC management tools help firms make efficient use of their time and human resources while managing multiple channels.


Every digital strategy should include the process of optimizing content for search engine visibility.

Basically, SEO is the scientific process of attracting visitors based on the search engine results pages that they see. The process depends heavily on the optimal use of relevant keywords and other elements such as URLs, titles and descriptions. Other factors also affect SEO strategies:

  • Content length and quality.
  • Number of backlinks and their quality.
  • Images and their attributes.
  • Social shares.

Although tactics frequently change to keep pace with evolving search engines, basic principles remain relatively constant. For example, as long as you provide high quality, valuable content that answers the questions and meets the needs of search engine users, your pages will consistently perform well in search engine results.

Email Marketing

Some “experts” have already declared that email is dead, but the medium continues to rank as one of the most effective available digital channels. Although spam filters have evolved to filter out many marketing messages, emails that contain valuable content can still make it into recipients’ inboxes and attain to “whitelisted” status.

Available tools give you the power to segment your customer and mailing lists to provide customized, targeted messages that directly appeal to narrow customer groups, adding a personalized dimension to what might otherwise be a broad, spammy email marketing campaign.

Content/ Inbound Marketing

Content marketing attracts readers and, ultimately sales, by meeting the needs of particular audiences. By focusing on meeting the needs of a target market rather than pitching sales, brands build their authority and accumulate goodwill.

As potential customers learn to depend on a brand for information, they eventually learn to recognize it as the natural choice when the time comes to buy.

Inbound marketing expands on the content-based approach by supplying valuable content in various forms:

  • Blogs.
  • Podcasts.
  • Newsletters.
  • eBooks
  • Video.

By publishing high-quality content in numerous forms, you allow audiences to engage with your brand based on their preferred content types. As a result, you can reach and convert a broader swathe of your target market.

Social Media

Companies that create profiles on social networks because “it’s the thing to do” often get disappointing results. When firms develop an intentional social media strategy, however, they can create a powerful online presence that builds brand awareness and authority while sending streams of qualified leads and prospects to their corporate website for conversion.

Rather than simply opening a profile that pitches sales, companies can use social platforms to interact with their users. Try to create a fun, active and interactive social profile that contains a variety of content types and plenty of actionable information. When people learn that you are the go-to place for solutions and answers, users will share your content with friends, building brand awareness and authority.

Digital marketing involves more than a single method for reaching potential customers. The integration of multiple tactics into a single, coherent strategy will ensure that a firm gets the best possible results for their money. Best practices, therefore, involve the optimized use of all the above channels to achieve results that a single channel alone could never deliver.

Although companies that want to either begin or improve their digital efforts should implement and optimize each one of these components, they must understand how each channel is influenced by the others.

For example, content marketing affects SEO, PPC, email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. Such a holistic approach to digital marketing will deliver high ROI and steady growth for firms that serve practically every industry and market.

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