Surely, by now, you’ve learned that Google, Facebook, and Apple are always listening to you. Additionally, they save everything they hear, leaving you vulnerable to future criminal charges, embarrassment, and blackmail. Amazon is doing the same thing. If you’re uncomfortable with Alexa listening to you, you should get rid of your Amazon smart home devices.

Alexa Listening to You

According to Bloomberg, Amazon workers are transcribing recordings of everything that’s going on inside your home.

Although this activity purportedly aims to improve the performance of Alexa, you should remember that high-profile cases exist where data collected by Alexa has been used as evidence in legal cases.

For example, you can read about a 2017 incident where Amazon provided Echo data as part of a murder case. That article is at Gizmodo.

Is Alexa Listening?

Bottom line: If you’ve ever wondered, “Is Alexa listening?”, the answer is “Yes!”.

Does Alexa listen all the time? Yes!

In addition to automatically storing everything that your Echo hears, Amazon is having workers around the world transcribe it.

Alexa Listening Bothers Me. How do I stop it?

Does it bother you that Alexa listens to everything you say?

Smart home devices, most computers, and most mobile phones are constantly listening. In many cases, prevention is difficult.

You can stop asking yourself, “Is Alexa always listening?”. Alexa always listening is a fact of life. Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem.

Get rid of your Amazon Echo and related devices.

When you do that, Amazon and Alexa will no longer listen to you.

Beyond Alexa

A well-publicized report by The Intercept revealed that Amazon employees are manually reviewing the video and audio information that the Amazon Ring video doorbell.

Smart home devices can also get hacked. Read this CBS News article about a family whose Google Nest cameras and thermostat were hacked.

Business Implications

Smart home devices are in use everywhere. So, if you’re a small business owner and have smart devices in your office, Big Tech knows everything about your trade secrets, operational issues, and customers.

Additionally, as I’ve mentioned before, Big Brother is Big Tech, so the government also knows everything about your business.

Going Forward

Smart home devices are a bad idea for you and your family. They eliminate your privacy. Also, they create a permanent record that can be used against you in the future.

So, what’s going on in your house right now might be OK at the moment.

However, if, in the future, you choose to apply for a job or run for political office, what’s going on now might either embarrass or disqualify you.

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